what is pazirik?



The Oldest Carpet Design

 According to Rudenko a soviet  scientist and the man who discovered  Pazirik carpets for centuries before Christ, beautiful carpet were woven in Ashoor and Pars .

The oldest carpet has been discovered by scientist who know Ashoor in special designs at Neynava palace in the special of Ashoor in the old  land of Vostay Rood . The flowers and the sides of the carpet seems to be a duplicate of Babol flower design. These designs date bake to the seventh century B.C. The best example of this design belongs to Khors Abad and is currently being kept at the Lowvre Museum in paris .

In the middle of this design, you can see a flower with a four leaf plant and on the side you can see a blue color flower . This is similar to what can be seen today in some Kurish carpets. Similarly In 1949 a statue of clay has been discovered by Dr.Roman Girsman in shoosh. It dates bake to 8th century B.C.   

Another discovery was made in Makoo and dates bake to the second millennium B.C.

In both works there is a horse and a small carpet is used as saddle , Girsman believes these designs are examples of oldest carpet patterns in Iranian carpets.