Khorasan  including :

This city is one of the most important carpet weaving centers of Khorassan the common designs of which are the designs known as “Mahi  Darham” (interlaced fish). Such designs are usually woven on a light background. Also usual in this region are carpets with Lachak-Torang (medallion) desings woven on a very red and full of flower background completed with an overall neutral bush design.


These are of Mojgol Turk origin usually two tribes of whom namely “Yamouti” and “Tekeh” live in Iran. Persian Turkmen carpets are more compacted than Russian Turkmen carpets and contrary to their Bokhara counterparts of Pakistan they often enjoy a high quality.



In this city, carpets of citizens and villagers of Khorassan, tapestries of the Baluchs, rugs and carpets of Turkmen and even Afgan carpets are traded. Mashhad carpets are usually in sizes of 6 m2 and more, often square shaped in sizes of 2.5 x 3m and are woven employing red colors.





Quchanise are, in origin, tributaries of Kurd tribes who a few centuries ago  have been caused to migrate from, Kurdistan and Caucasusia to the north of Mashhad. The knots of Quchani carpets are of Turkish type, their weft and wraps are usually of wool and for weaving such carpets mainly dark colors in the spectra of dark blue, brown, beige, and ivory are employed with sensible lack of red color. Dozarie and Kalegui are common measurements in such regions.


In this city formerly called Torshiz, compacted carpets with Farsi knots with style of circular flower designs and subsoil and Perspolis designs are woven. Kashmar weavers mainly weave 2x3m, 2.5 x 3.5 m and 3x4 m. carpets and are less interested in weaving rugs.


In the village of “Mud” situated in the south of Birjand, are woven carpets with Farsi knots on cotton wrap and weft and in all sizes from side-carpet to Zaronim and Dozari in the shape of small and large squares. Mud weavers, using a little white or turquoise silk around their designs, give them a prominent expression. They are interested in intricated (mixed) fish or Herati designs.