Hamadan including :


In this city, the best carpets of Hamedan province, usually with Herati designs and with best fibers are woven. Herati design of this region lacks medallion and corner pieces with a turquoise background represent a pleasing harmony of colors.
This is a small village that since ancient times its well-designed, persistent and lustrous rugs have had a good reputation in the market and procedures of weaving, type of knots and even its methods of dyeing have been very similar to the team work of Saruq dyers, designers, and weavers.





Tapstries of this region are often presented to the market in Zaronim, Dozarie as well as side carpet sizes and often enjoy a moderate quality of weaving. The background of these carpets is usually in bright red with a wide border in ivory white.






This is one of the most important centers of carpet-weaving of Hamedan, the designs of which much resemble some of the medallion patterns of Saruq.






The carpets of this region, with a great similarity with saruq carpets, are woven by the tribes residing between Hamedan and Arak. In such papetries which are usually presented in small sizes to the market, the dominant color is mainly brownishhue.






In this region two types of carpet are woven. One is the ancient type which is mainly presented in geometrical styles and in Dozarie and side-carpet-sized and the other one usually presented as long and narrow side carpets and/or, rugs in the style of American Saruq carpets.





In this town carpets in large sizes, narrow Dozaries, and wide side-carpets and rarely Zaronim with rather deep red and blue colors are woven.