Char-Mahal and Bakhtiari including :


In this city, which in fact is a twon adjacent to Shahrekord, employing very high quality and lustrous wool with maximum fineness and compactness compared with other tapestries of the region, the best carpets of the region in small sizes and with brick shaped, medallion and flower designs are woven.


The tepestries of Shalamzar situated in the south of Shahrekord, are of a minor quality from the viewpoint of compactness however, its designs often repesented in a prayer niche background bestow an original and beautiful expression to carpets of this region.





Situated at 107 km to Isfahan, Shahrekord is an important center of trading tapestries of nomads and citizens of cities and dependencies of the province. In this region, carpet weavers usually make their carpets with two wefts and employ lively cheerful vegetal dyes.





In this village located on the road connecting Shahrekord to Boroujen,, coarse-textured carpets with broken branches and designs quite distinct from other Persian carpet designs are woven, which are mostly infuncced by designs  of Farabagh of Caucasus representing very cheerful red,, live,, yellow and grass-green colors. Weavers of this region choose to produce Zaronim, semi prayer-niche and drapery sized carpets.