Azerbayjan  including :
Carpet-weaving has a long history in this city and during the Safavid period, very precious carpets have been woven here. Nowadays the carpets of this city have only one weft. Most of the wevers of this region weave small-sized carpets such as “Zaronim” “Pardehie” (curtain carpets) or side carpets.  




In this city, pulpy compacted carpets in different sizes and with tendency to square designs are woven. Contrary to carpets from other regions of Azerbaijan which are often geometrical in design, the carpets of Ahar are mostly woven in circular style with Toranj (medallion) designs.




During the reign of Holaku-Khan Moghol (Holakoo the Mongol King), this city has been one of the main centers of carpet production and trade. Nowadays, the carpets of this city due to innovation and diversity of design and size and also due to their weaving are proverbial among all.





Carpets of this region are generally woven employing geometrical style. Such carpet are usually side-carpet sized and coarse textured.





This city is situated on the road connecting Tabriz to Ahar and from the viewpoint of carpet-weaving is very famous. Most of the designs used in this region include broken branch and the carpets are rug-sized and bigger. Length to width ratio is less in Haris carpets compared with those of other regions.