Advantages of Persian carpets over carpets from other countries

  Once comparing two carpets, the following factors should be taken into account:
  1 -  Raw materials  
  In the filed of raw materials, one of the most conspicuous advantages of the Persian carpets is that to weave them, curly flexible wool with suitable dye absorption is used; this type of wool is particular to Iranain sheep living in such areas as Kerman and Khorassn.
  2 - Dyeing  
  To dye wool, used in weaving Persian carpets, usually vegetal dyes which are very persistent and show a matchless lusture are employed.
  3-  Weaving Technique  
  Regarding the long history of carpet in Iran, one can claim that Iran is provided with the necessary technically trained workforce for weaving tapestry carpets. Therefore the diversity of knots in the Persian carpets, delicacies of weaving and quality of knotting among the Iranian weavers can be considered amongst the factors leading to superiority of Persian carpets over carpets produced in other countries.
  4-  Design and Color  
  Other factors involved in superiority of Persian carpets over carpets of rival countries include originality of design, diversity of design and unique color selection and deep historical meaning found in Persian carpet designs especially those of tribal-rural carpets; designs closely connected with applications of the tapestry and deeply rooted in native and national culture of its weavers. Potentiality of weavers, particularly tribal and rural weavers to transmit pure and original feelings and ideas through colors and designs used in carpets, lead to production of a product which not only has artistic and consumer applications, but also a production of cultural values.