Iran-Pazirik Carpet, under management of Messrs Hamidreza Salehi and Majid Esmaeili (whom since years ago have been supplying the Iranian masterpieces art works), at present, through supplying types of high-quality hand-woven carpets, produced by hard-working, and artful Iranian carpet-weavers, have taken steps to introduce the rich Iranian Culture to the world.


The gathered collections, including the superior tapestries either old or modern, comprising Kilim, Gabeh, Jajim, Saddle bag etc., in various sizes, have been collected from majority of carpet-weaving regions of Iran produced from the superior raw material (wool, silk & lin) and dyed employing traditional procedures and using vegetal dyes.

The aim of designing this website was to provide sufficient information on introducing Iranian carpets and tapestries (including raw materials), phases of weaving, weaving procedures, and carpet-weaving regions, since during the recent years, some dishonest individuals have presented inferior quality items as Persian carpets and through this fraudulence they have both incurred a loss upon the purchasers and also discredited the Persian carpet in the global market.
At the end, while thanking you for visiting this website, kindly let us know your comments for improving the quality of this firmís services